Education is our future.

Let's work together!

​V-FIT P.R.O. offers programs for adults and children starting as young as 3 years old.  We provide opportunities for growth of self-esteem, improved concentration, self-discipline, and overall fitness.  You will acquire the necessary life skills to help you or your child deal with the negative influences we are faced with in todays society.

After responding to the Yellow Belt Challenge in the summer of 2010, Shihan Giovanna Taddeo (6th dan) began teaching with a small group of mainly family and friends. As time went on, it became evident that this small but strong dojo needed a place of its own to be able to grow and open its doors to others of all ages and abilities. The official opening of Kazoku Kai dojo took place September 2011 at James Lyng High School. In 2016, Shihan Taddeo launched V-FIT P.R.O. Solutions, located in Montreal West, providing more opportunities for her students to expand on self-defense, fitness, nutrition and overall well being, in a fun and safe environment.