V-FIT P.R.O. is known for its Perseverance, Respect and Optimization of self. These are three core values we strongly encourage.  At V-Fit P.R.O. we believe the continued practice of all three, is the key to a successful and fulfilling life journey.


Giovanna Taddeo - SHIHAN Giovanna Taddeo (6th dan)

President and Owner

Shihan Giovanna Taddeo has been studying martial arts for over 20 years and currently holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree Black Belt) in Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo. Shihan Taddeo, a former RCMP member, realized she did not need to be a police officer to help others, at which point she opted to follow her heart and dreams. She has been teaching both children and adults for over 18 years, and has now launched V-FIT P.R.O. to provide more opportunities for her students. Shihan Taddeo is an internationational Koshiki Gold Medalist competing in Amsterdam, Japan and Montreal as well as countless other local tournaments. She believes in the path of Kentokukan and it has become a passion for her to share this vision so that many others can benefit as well.

Wayne Donivan - SHINAN Wayne Donivan (9th dan)

Mentor and Life Coach

​Shinan Donivan began his practice in Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo at Seidokwan Academy of Karatedo and Judo on November 7th, 1967.  In June 1969, Shinan Donivan became the first Canadian to receive a 1st degree black belt (Shodan) in Shorinjiryu Kenkokan. In 1971.  Shinan Donivan also attended McGill University and earned a B.Ed. in Physical Education. Having studied various fighting techniques and martial arts such as boxing, wrestling, aikido, kendo, kenjitsu, iaido and ju-jutsu, Shinan Donivan has incorporated all these forms in the Kentokukan school of Shorinjiryu. 

Between the years 1971 to 1974, Shinan Donivan won the title of North American Champion four times in Shorinjiryu Kenkokan as well as a Triple Crown winner in 1972 (first place kata, kumite, and shiai). In the past, Shinan Donivan has traveled to various parts of the world, from Jamaica to Japan giving clinics for Shorinjiryu Kenkokan and Koshiki.

On January 8th, 1994, Shinan Donivan's decided to leave the Kenkokan School after 26 years with the Hisataka family. This resulted in the birth of Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo. He has chosen to emphasize aspects of karatedo, which he feels better to serve the individual student. The name "Kentokukan", which was given to Shinan Donivan by Hanshi Hisataka for his dojo located at Dawson College has become the Hombu Dojo(or headquarters) of Shorinjiryu Kentokukan Karatedo. 

On June 12th 2010 Shinan Donivan retired from this teaching position at Dawson College. During his 35 years of service he established the Martial Arts Program  and curriculum for eight different courses. In 1996, He designed plans for a new Dojo “Combat Room” and its storage area for the new Physical Education Facility  “H” wing. He served as chair of both the Martial Arts program and the Physical Education Facility Committee but perhaps his greatest contribution was to  introduce thousands of students to Martial Arts and to help them find their “Way”. ​Shinan Donivan remains active as a leader and ambassador for Kentokukan . He continues to teach at the Kentokukan Heaquarters as well as, a number of member Dojos and Kentokukan programs.